International Exchange Program

Outbound Students

Brief Introduction

Students in the B.A. Communication Management Program can apply to study abroad at one of our partner Universities for one semester or one academic year.

There are two types of outbound student exchange:

  • University-level
  • Faculty-level

For University-level outbound student exchange, please refer to the information on this page

For Faculty-level outbound student exchange, relevant information is provided below

  • GPAX requirement: at least 2.75 at the time of application
  • Language test score requirements (All tests must have been taken less than two (2) years prior to the application date)*
  • Meet any additional requirements set by the partner university**
  • TOEFL:

    • iBT: Minimum Score 79


    • Overall Band: Minimum Score 6.5 with a minimum of 6.0 in each band

    *Applicants are required to submit only one English language proficiency score

    **Each university has different eligibility requirements, including English requirements; students are required to research partner university requirements themselves.

    Faculty Partner Universities

    For the list of current partners, please click here

    For more information about each partner university, please click here

    When to Apply

    Semester Study Period Application period at Faculty of Communication Arts
    Fall Semester August - December March 1 - 31
    Spring Semester January - May August 1 - 31


    1. You must be Chula full-time undergraduate student enrolled in courses at the Faculty of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University.
    2. You must have successfully completed at least 2 semesters at Chula.
    3. You should not be in the last year of study, and you must return and study at Chulalongkorn University for at least 1 semester after studying abroad.
      (If you are a student in senior year, studying abroad will likely delay your graduation.)*
    4. Have a GPAX of at least 2.75
    5. Demonstrate good conduct, behavior, responsibility, appropriate qualities and suitability to represent Chulalongkorn University overseas.

    *Students planning to graduate early or study abroad during their senior year, should be aware that it can take around 2-4 months for transcripts from host university to arrive at Chula and additional time for credits to appear on your transcript. Be sure to review the Office of the Registrar’s graduation deadlines, and complete the credit transfer process as soon as possible. Moreover, if you are studying abroad during your final semester at Chula, this will definitely delay your graduation.

    Application Process

    1. Select up to four choices of partner universities you wish to attend

    2. Search for information about the courses, nomination and application dates and other requirements on universities' websites

    3. Consult with your advisor regarding the transfer of credits for courses you wish to attend

    4. Fill in the application form, along with the following documents:

  • One student’s photo (on white background) attached to application form
  • An academic transcript with the latest academic record issued by the Office of the Registrar [CR25]
  • Language proficiency tests scores (The scores should not be more than 2 years)
  • A photocopy of the first page of the passport (you need a passport valid for at least 6 months after your return)
  • Statement of purpose essay (500 words or one A4 page, free form)
  • Two recommendation letters (E-signature is allowed)
  • tentative course comparison
  • and submit it along with other relevant information to by 31 August (for studying abroad in the second semester)

    5. Check the result with the International Affairs coordinator

    6. The International Affairs coordinator will nominate you to the partner university

    7. Complete and submit the application and required documents to the partner university - Once you have been nominated to a partner university, you will receive the application process email from the partner university and are required to complete that university’s application process as an exchange student.

    8. Receive acceptance letter and documents for visa application directly from partner university

    9. Pay tuition fees to Chula before leaving for the exchange program

    10. Contact the International Affairs Coordinator to apply for a leave of absence and request your status to be changed to "Study Abroad"

    11. Consult with your advisor about the courses or number of credits to take abroad to ensure that they match with the requirements of the program curriculum

    12. Proceed with logistics arrangements (air-ticket, visa, insurance, accommodation, etc.)

    13. Apply for a student visa

    14. Study abroad and enjoy your international experience

    15. Return home

    16. Get your transcript and transfer your credits earned from abroad

    Credit Transfer Regulations

    *New* Course Equivalency List

    BCM students who wish to transfer credits earned from the exchange semester or year abroad are required to read the following details carefully:

    1. Students must earn grade "C" (or any grade equivalent to "C") or above in the courses they wish to transfer from partner universities.

    2. The grades earned from partner universities will be recorded in Chula transcript as “S/U”: “S” (Satisfactory), “U” (Unsatisfactory) instead of letter grades, due to the differences in systems and standards among the universities (the grades earned from partner universities will be calculated towards GPA).

    3. Students who received “P” (Pass) or “S/U” instead of a letter grade from partner universities cannot get credits transferred for that particular course.

    4. Grading criteria will be different between partner universities. It is crucial to pay attention to the meanings of grades at partner universities; these are usually clarified on the official transcripts. Here are some criteria to consider whether or not the grade will be equivalent to “C” at Chula:

              - “C” from the partner universities is exactly the same as “C” at Chula

              - Other grades which are equivalent to “Fair” is equivalent to “C” at Chula

              - The grade which is one level above the passing grade is equivalent to “C” at Chula

              - If the grading system is different from any of the above, the Faculty of Communication Arts Board of             Committee will make the final decision on the credit transfer

    5. ECTS (The European Credit Transfer System) is different from the credits at Chula. One course in a university in Europe ranges from 1 to 10 ECTS. However, be reminded that 4 ECTS is required in order to transfer to a 3-credit course at Chula. You may combine 2 courses with less than 4 ECTS each to a single course at Chula (for example, Course I, 3 ECTS + Course II, 3 ECTS = 2800375 Study Aborad I, 3 credits)

    6. You are allowed to transfer up to 22 credits or 7 courses in a semester. However, the number of courses or credits at a partner university may be different, it may range from 4 to 7 courses. Please note that 30 ECTS is the maximum for European universities. If one course is 6 ECTS, you can transfer 5 courses back to Chula for that semester (if the course contents match with those in the BCM curriculum).

    7. The credits (3 credits or 4ECTS or above) earned from any courses at partner universities with a grade equivalent to "C" or above can be transferred to 2800375 Study Abroad I (3 credits) or 2800376 Study Abroad II (3 credits).

    8. The credits (2 credits or 3ECTS or above) earned from any courses at partner universities with a grade equivalent to "C" or above can be transferred to 2800372 Study Abroad I (2 credits), 2800373 Study Abroad II (2 credits), or 2800374 Study Abroad III (2 credits).

    9. For a transferable course, the number of hours of a 3-credit/4-ECTS course taken at a university abroad must be 30 or above; the number of hours of a 2-credit/3-ECTS course taken at a university abroad must be 20 or above.

    10. The Faculty of Communication Arts Board of Committee will consider the course titles, descriptions, and contents in order to determine the credit transfer between the courses taken at partner universities and those in the BCM curriculum.

    11. Please note it is possible to take courses for knowledge or experience, without credit transfer.

    12. Please consult your advisor for more details regarding the credits transfer.

    1. Please note that from academic year 2023 onwards, the credit transfer will only be allowed for electives and free electives only.

    Contact Information

    International Programs Office, 6th Floor Mongkutsamatiwong Building
    Faculty of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University
    254 Phayathai Road, Wangmai, Pathumwan
    Bangkok 10330 THAILAND
    Facebook: Inter CommArts CU

    Exchange Coordinators

    Faculty: Assist. Prof. Dr. Pavel Slutskiy:
    Support staff: Ms. Ratchanavi Srikongka:


    +66 2 218 2215 (ext. 102-106) | +66 8 6304 1007
    Office Hours: 8.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. Monday-Friday

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